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In the Hindu language, khush means easy-going, pleasant, peaceful and free-spirited. Brazilian designer Patricia Tombini felt these incredible feelings in her travels to the exotic island of Bali in Indonesia.

With this same love of traveling she soon moved to the island of Kaua`i and began designing Khush Clothing Hawai`i with a deep love and passion for the art of fashion, innovative creations, bohemian beach culture, and a vibrant palette of print and tie-dye colors and Brazilian-inspired flare.

Now warehoused on the island of Oahu, Khush Clothing is meticulously designed and created with the utmost commitment to having a unique and superior product line. It is manufactured in Bali in order to have access to their beautiful textiles, amazing print and batik artists, and breathtaking design inspiration. The clothing feels effortless and looks both chic, feminine, and comfortable at the same time. 
Thank you for sharing in the Khush Clothing free-spirited, positive lifestyle! 
Designed with love and soul…